How long will this take? I need my iPhone, iPad fixed NOW!

We have a very fast turnaround time, most repairs are carried out within a an hour, but some repairs take longer than others, for iPad repairs we ask that you allow 24-48 hours for the repair. Some complicated repairs such as water damage can take longer as they often require extensive testing, but we do them as quickly as possible and pride ourselves on our excellent turnaround times.

Why should I use Cambs iPhone Repair?

There are plenty of do-it-yourself website’s out there. But Cambs iPhone Repair is the only specialist iPad and iPhone repairer in Cambridgeshire with a 3 month warranty on all repairs and sales. We provide the fastest service and only use experienced technicians, Don’t risk it – send it in to Cambs iPhone Repair to have it repaired correctly, the first time!

What happens if parts are not in stock?

We make sure we carry a full range of parts for all of the iPad’s and iPhone’s we repair and confirm we can complete the repair before accepting your repair order.

How should I send my iPad or iPhone in to be repaired?

After selecting your repair, we recommend sending your iPad or iPhone via Royal Mail Special Delivery, with no accessories or chargers to the address we provide in your confirmation email. Attach a copy of your name and address and we’ll do the rest!

What models do you repair?

See our repairs page for more details. If by chance your iPad or iPhone is not listed, please contact us as we can probably repair it for you.

Will I lose data on my iPad or iPhone?

If we are changing the screen or other parts then generally no, if it is a software problem then we will have to put back to factory settings. We can’t guarantee your data though, so the best option is to back it up before you send it in.

Should I send in accessories with my iPad or iPhone?

No, just send the iPad or iPhone. We have all of the accessories to test your iPad or iPhone in our repair centre and it cuts down on shipping costs.

What if I don’t want to proceed with the repair, or if it is unrepairable?

We work on a NO fix a NO fee basis. If your iPad or iPhone cannot be repaired there will be No charge. But if your iPad or iPhone can be repaired and you do not want to proceed a £20 diagnostics fee will apply, we are happy to send your device back but we will ask you to cover the shipping and admin cost.

What is the abandonment policy?

If after 60 days we have not received payment, or you have not collected your iPad or iPhone. We will deem it Permanently Abandoned. And dispose of accordingly.

Will your repair void my Apple warranty?

Yes. If your iPad or iPhone is covered by Apple warranty, it will be void when we open it. We would suggest trying Apple as your first call.

What are your payment methods?

The payment options we offer for repairs are: Payment by credit card or debit card in our retail shop. Cash and we also we offer payment via PayPal or BACS.

FAQ didnt solve your problem?

Please use our contact page with your question.